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The Wound Care Doctors
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Headed by Dr Bo Liu
Dr. Bo Liu is a provider known to spend quality time with his patients. He makes sure to treat each patients with structural, individualized care. Unlike wound care providers who mostly go in-and-out, Dr. Bo Liu and his staff employs a unique patient-centered approach, and they believe in getting to the root cause of the problem.

  • General surgery experience adapted to the bedside
  • Genuine, tailored patient-centered approach
  • Phone consults available within 24Hrs

Our Services

What we provide to the facilities we serve:


Personalized Consulting

The Wound Care Doctors employ an individualized approach to patient care that goes beyond traditional measures for woundcare

A plethora of bedside services
Keeping the patients stable at the bedside is our ultimate goal to help reduce costs, hospital readmissions and maximize your reimbursements
Be part of your Clinical Team

Let us be part of your Wound Care  Clinical team and let us be able to provide a holistic, well-planned care for your patients

Satisfied Patients!
We assure you that your patients will be satisfied with the quality and personalized care that we provide. Try us now!

Who we are / Who we serve

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We are wound care physicians

We are a group of specialists (wound care physicians and surgeons) who are trained to treat chronic non-healing wounds for further evaluations and treatment as well as Feeding Tube Management & Replacements.

We serve patients at the beside

Whether your patient/s are at a group care home, hospice or Long-Term care / Skilled Nursing Facility, we visit them on a weekly basis for evaluation and treatment and provide orders for your wound nurses to follow-through.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A multi-disciplinary approach to wound care may be confusing to some. We work with the entire healthcare system to reduce the cost for wound care and keep patients stable at the bedside to reduce hospital readmissions. Here are some of the most common questions that we get:


    What are the advantages of working with Wound Specialists?

    A wound specialist is a medical professional who has studied further, solely focusing on different types of wound and the actions that need to take place when intervention is necessary.


    Will the patients require pre-medication?

    After the initial consult, a wound progress note will be submitted to the DON/Treatment Nurse and Administrator on a weekly basis. We may recommend certain pain medications to be administered prior the
    next visit.


    What are the fees structure?

    Once a contract is established with your facility, we will see and treat your patients with open wounds. We would need the necessary paperwork to check your patient’s eligibility. We bill the insurances directly, we don’t charge
    the patient nor the facility for any fees.


    Why involve a Wound Specialist?

    When a wound has not healed normally after basic nursing treatments are established, any patient can involve a wound specialist to determine the wound has the ability to heal, does it only require palliative care, or does it require wound management. They will determine the best treatment for the type, location and etiology of the wound.


    How long do the visits last?

    The initial evaluation, assessment and treatment may take at least 15-45 minutes. Succeeding weekly visits are somewhere around 15minutes especially when the wound nurse at the facility has already prepped the patient for the consult.

    We’re welcoming new patients and facilities and we can’t wait to meet you.

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